Dec 2nd - Dec 8th

Citizens Protest Foreign "Maternity Hotel" in Chino Hills, CA

Illegal Alien Rapist Arrested in NY

ACLU Sues AZ Over Illegal Alien Driver's License Ban

GOP Lawmakers Introduce Their Version of DREAM Act for Illegals

Illegal in CA Arrested on Child Porn Charges

DHS Promotes Welfare to New Immigrants in Welcome Materials

Op-Ed: What Republicans Need to Tell Latinos About Immigration

Op-Ed: Term 2 Mission: Try to Save the Diane Jaskolkas

(Election News) Obama Defeats Romney to Win 2nd Term

AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio Wins Re-Election

(Election News) Mitt Romney: The Most Expensive Political Career in American History

OH Early Voters Say Machines Turning Romney Vote Into Obama Vote

Reports: Voter Fraud Being Committed in Ohio

(Election News) VIDEO: Obama Supporters Slam "Romney" Policies... Then Find Out They're Actually Obamas!

VIDEO: Jim Moran's (D-Va.) Field Director and Son Conspires to Commit Voter Fraud

NC Early Voters Say Machines Turning Romney Vote Into Obama Vote

(Election News) Video Timeline: Lies From Libya

NPR Anchor Likens Term "Illegal Immigrant" to Nazi Germany

BP Agent Nicholas Ivie's Death Result of Friendly Fire

Slain BP Agent ID Confirmed: Nicholas J. Ivie of Provo Utah

ABC, NBC, CBS Blackout! Major New Findings in Fast and Furious Scandal Ignored!

Another Border Patrol Agent Shot Dead on AZ Border

PA Voter ID Law Blocked For November Election

Univision Connects More Massacres and Weapons to Fast and Furious Scandal

White House Link to Fast and Furious Scandal Hastily Transfered to Iraq

AZ Sheriff Larry Dever Dies in Rollover Accident

CONFIRMED: Non-citizens Have Voted and Are Currently On Voting Rolls in MI

Illegal Rapes 10-year-old Boy in TX, More Victims Expected

Latino Group Asks BO to Investigate FOX News and Talk Radio

Illegal Drivers License Law Fails to Boost Number of Insured

Border Agent Brian Terry's Alleged Killer Arrested

Illegal Breaks Into Home and Rapes 11-year-old Girl in SC

Illegal DREAMER Adresses DNC Convention

AZ Sheriff Paul Babeu Fully Exonerated By AG Investigation

Federal Court Rejects TX Voter ID Law

DOJ Quietly Drops Charges Against Sheriff Joe

CA Approves Drivers Licenses for Illegals

CA Sheriffs Oppose Bill on Illegals

'Fast and Furious' ATF Official Granted Paid Leave to Take 6-Figure Job at JP Morgan

ICE Agents Sue Janet Napolitano Over Amnesty Program

Fed Appeals Court Delivers Split Decision on AL Immigration Law

AZ Law Requiring English Proficient Elected Officials Upheld

AZ Governor Jan Brewer Defies Obama Amnesty Directive

Illegals Line Up by Tens of Thousands to Get Legal Status from Obama

DOJ Says No to Illegals Who Want Law License

Sheriff Joe Raids GNC Warehouse to Collect ID Thieves

Illegal Sexually Assaults 4-year-old Girl in CO

Cartel Member Says 'Fast and Furious' Not What You Think

Illegal Attacks 11-year-old Girl in TX Walmart

Illegal Molests and Forces Toddler Sisters to Drink Semen

Napolitano: Terrorists Entering Via Southern Border "From Time-to-Time"

Report: Illegals Released by Feds Kill 9, Sexually Assault 142

ICE, BP Unions Confirm Illegals Exploiting BO's New 'DREAMER' Policy

Obama's Latest Backdoor Amnesty Play to Cost Taxpayers Over $585M

New Report from FAIR Exposes Obama's Immigration Deception

Illegal Pleads Guilty to Raping 11-year-old in NC

USDA Partnering with Mexico to Boost Food Stamp Participation

Arpaio Investigation Uncovers National Security Threat

DHS Reluctantly Grants FL Access to Citizenship Database

Obama Discreetly Begins Dismantling Clinton Welfare Reform

Obama Using Spanish Soap-Operas to Push Food Stamps Among Illegals

Obama Closing 9 Border Patrol Stations Along 4 States

CA Senate OKs Bill that Will Stop Deportation Efforts

Wife of TX Judge Arrested for Harboring Illegals

Illegal Child Rapist to Cost Taxpayers $3M for Stay in Mental Hosptial

Another Illegal Alien Attempts Rape in CA

Illegal Attempts Rape of 14-year-old in UT

Illegal from Barbados Knifes Woman at Wawa in NJ

FL Gov. Says Obama Voter Purge Challenge Rejected by Federal Judge

Mom Given Bill to Clean Street After Drunk Illegal Alien Killed Her Son

Obama Responds to SCOTUS' Decision to Uphold Key Provision, Neuters AZ

SCOTUS Strikes Down Most of AZ's Immigration Law, Upholds Key Provision

Krauthammer: Obama’s Amnesty-by-fiat is Naked Lawlessness

Haitian Illegal Commits Double Murder in PA

Illegal Rapes and Murders Again in NY

AG Holder Held in Contempt Despite WH Attempted Rescue

Obama Asserts Executive Privilege Over 'Fast and Furious' Documents

CO AG: Illegal Alien Tution Rate Unlawful

Another Illegal Sexually Assaults Baby in PA

Obama Makes Another Move Against the Rule of Law

Feds Sue FL Over Illegal Voter Purge

FL Sues Feds Over Citizenship DB Access

Illegal Arrested for Sex Trafficking of Children in KY