Term 2 Mission: Try to Save the Diane Jaskolkas
By Joshua J. Hutchison | Published Novermber 13, 2102 | Immigration911.org

What a punch in the stomach last Tuesday was.

If it hurt you as bad as it did me, you are barely starting to look up from the ground to put a sentence together. If it hurt you as bad as some of the old-timers I talk to at the gym, you are still incapable of, or unwilling to speak.

Listen, I understand that our country has just absorbed a blow it may never recover from. And I know many of you will take issue with my use of the word "may" in the last sentence. You think it "will" never recover; that we are finished; that we have just passed the point of no return. A large part of me still feels that way too. But I want to share something with you that God just recently placed in my broken heart.

Last week, conservatives began stumbling around for ideas on how we should adjust to placate the growing mass of entitled in order to bring them over to our side in future elections. If you are still so distraught that you are unable to watch the news, you will have missed that some are openly suggesting we accept the liberal's plan to grant amnesty to all illegal aliens in order to gain favor with Latinos.

Surely such a terrible idea only surfaced because these conservatives were still crushed and unlike us, were required to go on air to talk about something. What we likely saw was thinking out loud, triggered by the whispers of pundits and politicians whose soul searching had not yet had enough time to run its course. Don't get me wrong; like you, I don't place much confidence in the souls of politicians, but I suspect that the few who are wise and have a little more time to find their wisdom, will soon figure out that the last thing you do when you're handed a defeat is turn away from your principals.

Right now everyone is scrambling for answers, but the conclusions that are being drawn are not getting to the heart of the truth, which is most important of all. Regardless of our varied outlooks on the future, it is important that we understand the true nature of what is happening in this country before we can chart a course that is capable of leading us to success. This leads me to the Diane Jaskolkas of the country.

Wednesday, I had an interaction with a 63-year-old woman named Diane Jaskolka on our Facebook page. She is a thoughtful woman and a teacher from Florida who had some opinions to share in response to a thank you message I posted to Mitt Romney.  This was my post:

    Almost. Thank you for the sacrifice Mitt. While it is a bit embarrassing to be an American today, you have set a great example of what real Americans represent. It takes a real man to turn away from billions in personal fortune to serve the public, but it takes a great man to do it in the face of a meat grinder knowing when he comes out the other side, half the country will believe he is something he is not. That is the kind of bravery that inspires. And it reaffirms in me what I have known for a while: That Mormons are some of the most excellent human beings I have ever met. One day, I hope we get to shake hands in a restored America we both remember. Until then, I will join you in praying that this turn for the worse is only a necessary part of our Father's plan to restore us to greatness. It was a Hero's effort, and one many millions of us are proud of. God bless you and your family. I hope to see you in the fight. Joshua Hutchison    

This post was nothing more than heart felt appreciation for the man I believe would have saved us.  Diane I think understood this, but was not pleased with my feeling embarrassed to be an American on Wednesday. 

I hoped to share her exact responses with you, but yesterday when I began creating this email, I discovered that she had deleted all her comments before I could capture them. This is significant and I will explain why, but first have a brief look at our interaction. I will paraphrase Diane's deleted comments.

Diane Jaskolka

[First, Diane expressed her displeasure with anyone being embarrassed by the outcome of the election. She also stated why she was proud and defended her vote for Barack Obama. This was a thoughful and respectful comment, unlike the rest of the liberals who were slobbering with glee while they gloated. It was her first comment in the thread, and as with most, I chose not to respond]

Diane Jaskolka

[Next, Diane began to interact with some others in the thread and proceeded to tell us that being "accepting and tolerant" is what made America great. She then closed with an appeal to unite and accept Obama as our President because we are the "UNITED States of America"]

Immigration911 @Diane Jaskolka... I respect the point you are trying to make, but we are not united. We are very deeply divided. We've not been this divided since the civil war. And listen, we will NEVER be tolerant of people who continue to demand value they didn't earn. It is un-American and we don't care if you mean well. We didn't become great because we were "accepting and tolerant" of a point of view that says take from those who earn and give to those who didn't. We became great because our system gave people who weren't making the proper choices the hardship they required to pull themselves up by the bootstraps and the models of success to inspire that turnaround. So don't lecture us on what America is all about ma'am. We're steeped in it. And we're angry at folks like you who can't recognize that what Obama stands for is un-American. Good day.

Diane Jaskolka

[Diane responded without disagreeing with a single point I made. Again, she was very thoughtful and polite. She stated that she was opposed to people getting handouts who did not make an effort, but said she has no problem helping people "who are making an honest effort and need a little help while they continue to improve their lives." She said this is why she voted the way she did. She understands people who are having a hard time because she is one of them. She still must work hard at age 63 as a teacher because she's not able to retire. She instructs us to temper our anger and adds that we're never going to be able to solve this mess without being united. Finally, she closes by saying she must go because she has to grade her students papers, which is hard work. "THAT is a real American value!" she ends]

Immigration911 @Diane Jaskolka... I don't disagree that being united is better, that's why I voted for someone who is capable of uniting us. If you hold such a premium on being united, I wonder why you voted for someone who refers to us as "enemies" and instructs people to vote for "revenge?" If you want to help people "who are making an honest effort and need a little help while they continue to improve their lives," please feel free to do so. We do the same, but we call it "charity" which we like to manage at the local level so we are able to distinguish those who make an effort from those who do not ourselves. Please do not pretend that the federal government makes this distinction effectively. You know as well as I that they are all lumped into one group and this distinction is NOT MADE AT ALL! And I will NOT temper my anger! I'm mad as hell that this disgraceful man is leading our great country into financial collapse and that our population is slowly turning into a group of needy, pathetic slobs who take no responsibility for their lives and demand what they've not earned! What you have subscribed to are un-American ideas neatly packaged and presented in a great American value: GOOD WILL. You are being fooled ma'am. And the path you've been sold WILL NOT WORK. Since you're a teacher, I'll share with you an amusing little classroom video that perfectly represents the point us conservatives are trying to make. Please watch it and feel free to share it with your kids:


Diane was telling the truth about having to leave to go grade papers. She did not reply. But she did return to read my last message. And after she read it, she responded by deleting every one of her comments in the thread.

Now, does a woman who knows she is right erase all her lengthy, well thought out remarks?

Of course not.

So then why did she do it?


She knew her argument had been dismantled, but more importantly she knew the things I mentioned were true. And she knew it right away because she is an American. She is not a closet socialist like President Obama and his minions. She is just an average American who is too busy working and spending time with her family to pay close attention to politics. When she did tune in, she was spoon-fed a tailored, feel-good message by the liberal media that downplayed 4 years of failure and conditioned her that our perspective was evil; that we were waging a war on women.

That is the first part of the trick. Show them an enemy in order to distract, cast yourself as their protector in order to lure, and tell them everything they want to hear in order to convince.

It all sounded great to Diane and MANY others. They were ripe, low-hanging fruit easily picked off by a campaign well-rehearsed in the rhetoric of good intentions. They were duped; their feathers smoothed by more false promises and a complicit media. But they are not all entitled zombies yet folks, just busy Americans with big hearts under the spell of an elitist who is disguising his plans because he thinks he knows better than us.

That is the other bit of truth you must recognize. Barack Obama truly believes he is doing the right thing. He believes he is doing good work. He believes America has wronged many and that he must even the score. In his mind, the lies, the misrepresentations, the scheming behind the scenes are all just small, insignificant wrongs he must commit in the pursuit of the greater good. He understands the effect that American exceptionalism has had on the population and that his true message would not win out. That is why he tempers the message. He must ease us into this new way of thinking while he works behind the scenes to dismantle everything that stands in his way. He reasons that there is no sense in sharing his true beliefs because we're all still too steeped in the wrong ones. His hope is that we will see the beauty of his vision when his work is complete. And barring an Obama scandal, herein lies our last glimmer of hope to preserve 50 united states:

His work is not complete.

The last part of the trick is to cement the allegiance of folks like Diane by rewarding them with free stuff; to drug the misled with freebies; to bring them into the fold with the rest of the zombies. Right now, they've gotten a taste of the medicine and they like it, but they've not yet received a full dose. They're in line waiting, but they've not yet entered the party. What we all need to realize is that there is still time to pull good folks out of that line.

Our current situation is dire, but our best course forward is to do our best and stick with what is right. Wavering on principals does not beget success, it just shows people you're panicked and questioning your compass. And who wants to follow people like that?

If we value the rule of law, we do not undermine its foundation by granting amnesty to those in violation of the law in an effort to prime their sympathizers for a new appeasement plan. It is a losing strategy.

If we value small business and recognize its importance to the economy, we do not sacrifice it to a dishonest man and his misguided followers so they can continue to feed a disgraceful movement which will soon demand more. That's a loser too.

People like Diane may well be lost already, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't try to save them. They're our friends, our family members and they're still Americans. We will have plenty of time to lament their loss if Obama succeeds and we separate from the liberal parasites, but there is only a limited amount of time to attempt their rescue. So in the name of good will, let's do all we can to keep them from turning into this:


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